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Crash Course in Nutrition

Providing ways to HEAL, TREAT and PREVENT DISEASE

There are people from around the world that contact me and ask for help. Not everyone can come visit me in my clinic or travel to one of my speaking engagements, but with this online course there is another option. I look forward to hearing feedback on the course so I can continue to improve it and offer more options for those seeking to heal through lifestyle changes.

Dr. Monica Aggarwal

Providing ways to HEAL, TREAT and PREVENT DISEASE

If anyone has been to one of my speaking engagements they know how there is a lot of valuable information, but unfortunately due to time constraints it is squished down into one hour.

With my jumpstart you get to take in a bit each day, and skip back to review any concepts you may have missed. The goal is to arm you with the knowledge and tools to make a dramatic, positive shift in your lifestyle.

The online course is in the midst of production and will be live soon. Will be announcing its availability through my email newsletter, so if you are not already signed up please provide your email below.