Food Nutrition Myth 4: Fiber One Bars

Food Nutrition Myth 4: Fiber One Bars

Fiber one bars: marketed as 20% daily fiber and randomly the word “protein” sits on the front cover. Gives perception that these bars are really healthy! So what is in this box of goodness? Second ingredient is sugar. Third is palm kernal oil and palm oil. Later, we see soybean oil, canola oil and peanut oil. FIVE OILS!  There is whey concentrate and milk (so milk in these–not a fan!). There is corn syrup (triggers leptin resistance and we dont feel satiated) because the sugar was not enough. There is maldodextrin which recall from previous food myths and has questionable health hazards. If the sugar and corn syrup were not enough, there is fructose–another trigger for leptin resistance. Then there are natural and artificial colors-more food additives. And caramel color so it looks pretty to eat. So where is the fiber? There is chicory root extract and soy protein and whey protein isolate and somewhere in there is listed whole grain oats. There is also partially defatted peanut flour. This was a new one for me, I have to admit. I had to go back to the chemistry journal to figure out what this was. Check this out:

“Defatted peanut flour produced by direct solvent extraction and partially defatted peanut flours produced by mechanical pressing have many potential uses in foods. The defatted peanut flour has a high protein solubility and is light colored, practically tasteless, and odor free. The defatted peanut flour has been evaluated as: an additive to increase the protein content of foods such as bread and other baked goods, macaroni, pancakes, and puddings; an extender in meats such as meat loaf and frankfurters; and an aid in preparing skim and full-fat (fat added) milk-like drinks and ice creams. The characteristics of this flour also make it useful in the preparation of protein concentrates (by air classification) and protein isolates. The partially defatted flour, with about 55% oil removed, is ideal for preparing full-fat, milk like drinks and can also be used in baked goods, ice cream, meats, and so forth.”  So it is a food additive that adds protein content and is a thickener that gives the peanut taste. So that is how they are able to write PROTEIN on the box.

Americans dont suffer from protein deficiency. We suffer from eating too much sugar and oil. The sugar is what gives us highs and lows and makes us feel tired. It is NOT the lack of protein in our diets that makes us feel tired. Dont be fooled.

There are over 30 ingredients in this fiber one bar. We should never eat food with so many ingredients!

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Volume 56, Issue 3, pp 474-475