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Learn how you can dramatically impact health by simply changing what you eat and how you live

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The rates of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and cancer have risen significantly over the last several decades. I believe this is so much related to what we are putting into our bodies and what we are doing with our bodies. Through my own painstaking illness, I have learned how to use my diet as my weapon in treatment of my own illness and prevention of future disease. I have learned how to make myself strong and fit and now use this information to teach and empower others to change.

Monica's Story

I am a cardiologist, author, and athlete. I have rheumatoid arthritis.

As a physician trained in traditional medicine, I took a different path and chose to heal myself through diet and lifestyle. Today I am symptom free and medicine free.  Today I am on a mission to teach alternative approaches to combat disease and build a healthier you.

Read my story and decide whether you are ready to take the journey.

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Dr. Monica Aggarwal

Crash Course in Nutrition

Providing ways to HEAL, TREAT and PREVENT DISEASE

Join Dr. Aggarwal on a journey to better health, through daily videos and informational content. Possible side effects include: Feeling great, Having more energy, Thinking clearer, Improved sex life, and Weight loss.

Finding Balance: Empower Yourself with Tools to Combat Stress and Illness

By Drs. Monica Aggarwal and Jyothi Rao

Through FINDING BALANCE, Drs. Aggarwal and Rao outline 10 prescriptions to guide people to better health and how to heal themselves from illness. These prescriptions stem from their personal successes and the success of their patients. These prescriptions do not come in pill form. These prescriptions are not the quick way out. They take time and effort to initiate, but the benefits will be real and lasting.

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Finding Balance Book


I was diagnosed with RA back in April of 2014. It seemed pretty easy at first. I was taking Prednisone for my swollen hand and staying away from dairy, red meat, sugar and salt like my doctor had suggested. Then I was put on a biologic and still seemed okay with watching my diet. Not being use to eating a healthier diet I did not how to season my food so I started getting depressed and losing weight because I didn’t want to eat the same thing over and over and my knees starting getting really bad. My knees were…


I just wanted to say thank you which somehow just does not seem like enough. We both have told so many people about you and your professionalism and how you care so deeply for your patients. We both want to wish you the best of luck over this next year and I’m sure you and your family will benefit from this year but the people you touch will benefit so much more. Robin cried going home because you were not going to be around over the next year. She trust you so much which says a lot coming from Robin…

Dennis S. Bel Air, Maryland

Today, denotes one year, from implementing your plant based diet and yesterday was one year from my “New Patient Appointment”, with you and all I can say is “Thank You”, which doesn’t seem to be quite enough! I feel great and owe it all to you, for your compassion, wisdom, time researching and knowledge of a better way! Your seminars have been very enlightening. The seminar last week, at the Miller Library, you and Dr. Rao could have used more time, but it was still very informational and I understand even more, of what you have suggested, I implement. Honestly,…

Linda H.

Hi. I met you at Dr. Annabel Facemire’s abundant Living. I was at the Engine 2 retreat at the Esselstyn’s farm and Dr. E mentioned you! I didn’t hear it exactly, but I heard your name. It was something positive like there is hope in people like you.


It was so nice to meet you and Dr Jyothi last night!!! It was our best and biggest Meet-Up. We had close to 85 in attendance. Everyone loved it and said they could of listened to you all night. You are a wonderful presenter! I am so excited to schedule another class. Let me know your availability. I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Denise Crouse Culinary & Community Center Liaison Whole Foods Market Annapolis, Maryland

I began a Plant Base Diet: no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, refined sugars, salt, processed foods and added more fruits, vegetables and whole grains on July 3, 2014, upon the advice of Dr. Aggarwal. My starting numbers, as of a July 10, 2014 blood test, were: Glucose 101 Cholesterol 175 Triglycerides 114 HDL Cholesterol 49 LDL Cholesterol 103 Five months, after beginning, I experienced more energy, weight loss and my numbers were coming down. As of a 12/5/2014 blood test, my numbers were: Glucose 89 Cholesterol 155 Triglycerides 82 HDL 58 LDL Cholesterol 81 In November, with the addition of…

Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland