Food Nutrition Myth 4: Fiber One Bars

Fiber one bars: marketed as 20% daily fiber and randomly the word "protein" sits on the front cover. Gives perception that these bars are really healthy! So what is in this box of goodness? Second ingredient is sugar. Third is palm kernal oil and palm oil. Later, we see soybean oil, canola oil and peanut oil. FIVE OILS!  There is …

Food Nutrition Myth 3: Popcorners

Popcorners. Marketed as "gluten free" and "wholesome in a chip." Ingredients: second ingredient oil which is because they are fried. Then there is whey which is effectively cow's milk--not a fan. Maltodextrin is a food additive which is plant based. It is like a simple sugar and has a high glycemic index. There is some data that maltodextrin is …

Food Nutrition Myth 2

So this is Cabot whipped cream. Says that the product is "Premium Natural." There is even a dairy farm at the top as part of the marketing logo. First three ingredients: milk, cream and sugar which you would expect because it is after all whipped cream. Then there is mono and diglycerides again. And Carrageenan. It is extracted from a type of …

Food Nutrition Myth 1

Arnold's Farmhouse Bread. Bread needs only 3 vital ingredients: flour, water and yeast. That is all that is needed. The more hardy breads have seeds and multiple types of grains. What is in this bread? First tip: there are a lot more than 3 ingredients on this list. Second: what are monoglycerides? They are fats that are used as food additives to …

I can eat McDonalds today. I am still young.

Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women. In fact, heart disease will kill more women than men. While we are getting better at decreasing heart disease deaths with improved medical care, prevention is the key to the improvements.

People often believe that they can eat whatever they want when they are young because heart disease is …

Great Question about Elimination diet

Somebody sent me this great question and I thought I would post it:

Question: Hi Monica! My name is XX and I am on a plant-based diet for treating my RA. I am on Plaquinel and Sulfasalazine and don't want to be forever. I have limited range of motion of my fingers. I struggle severely with elimination diet. I'm kind of a foodie. Being Vegan is …

Homemade "Turmeric-touched Tortillas"

For tortillas (makes about 20)

 4 cups of all purpose flour


 2 tsp oil

 1 tsp baking powder

 1/2 tsp turmeric, if desired (put into dough while kneading it, if desired)

What do to: Mix and knead dough. Leave to sit for 10-15 minutes. Should be like play-dough. If too sticky, add more flour. If …

Black bean burritos

This is a great and very simple recipe. We make black bean burritos, fresh salsa and homemade tortillas weekly. You know that I am always running around so it must be easy if I am doing it. This is my husband's recipe. He has had to be creative over the years with three kids and a picky wife!

For Burritos, will need:

3 cans of black beans …

Am I spending more to eat well?

Costs of being on a WHOLE grain PLANT based diet.

People often talk about the costs of eating healthy. The discussion about how fast food is cheaper than healthy food comes up a lot in conversation. Is that really true though?

Recall my previous posting on calorie density. Bite per bite, the number of calories we take in with a burger will …