Monica Aggarwal

Medical Doctor

Dr. Monica Aggarwal is a Board certified cardiologist in Baltimore, MD. As director of echocardiography, she has built the echocardiography program at her current hospital that specializes in general echo, transesophageal echo and stress echocardiography. She has expertise in heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and prevention. Her path in prevention started with her own illness. It was then, with the fear she would not practice medicine again, that she found her path to whole body medicine. One of her main focuses is educating people about the importance of plant based nutrition and its benefits in treating and potentially, reversing chronic illness

My Education

Dr. Aggarwal went to the University of Virginia and received her BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Biology. She subsequently went to the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond for medical school followed by residency at Tufts-New England Medical Center. She then transitioned for cardiology fellowship to Baltimore, MD at the University of Maryland. She is board certified in Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology and Echocardiography.

My Practice

Today, Dr. Aggarwal teaches preventative cardiology in her daytime practice and at home. In practice, she works with patients to create individualized diet and lifestyle plans. She gives talks to physicians to educate about nutrition and how to implement a healthy living plan with their patients. At the hospitals, she hosts half day immersions to give people practical tips on how to implement her 5 step solution to reduce chronic illness. She gives lectures around the state on plant based diets to educate people about how plant based diets can alter their risks for chronic illnesses. She gives cooking classes to show people how to use foods that previously seemed intangible.

My Goals

Her mission is to educate people on why the modern diet is a problem and how it creates chronic illness. She would like to give people practical tools on how to implement a new and improved diet and lifestyle. She has a five step solution that will change the face of illness in our modern world.