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Learn how Monica conquered
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Focus on Plants, Focus on Health, Focus on Living

The rates of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and cancer have risen significantly over the last several decades. I believe this is so much related to what we are putting into our bodies and what we are doing with our bodies. Through my own painstaking illness, I have learned how to use my diet as my weapon in treatment of my own illness and prevention of future disease. I have learned how to make myself strong and fit and now use this information to teach and empower others to change.

Finding Balance

Finding Balance: Empower Yourself with Tools to Combat Stress and Illness

By Drs. Monica Aggarwal and Jyothi Rao

Forward by Dr. Andrew Weil

Through FINDING BALANCE, Drs. Aggarwal and Rao outline 10 prescriptions to guide people to better health and how to heal themselves from illness. These prescriptions stem from their personal successes and the success of their patients. These prescriptions do not come in pill form. These prescriptions are not the quick way out.  They take time and effort to initiate, but the benefits will be real and lasting. You will see the benefits because of how you feel and how you will not get sick. If you are already sick then let this be your guide to healing. The absence …

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Monica's Story

My name is Monica Aggarwal. I am a cardiologist. The road to getting to that point has been long and hard. Being a woman in subspecialty medicine is in itself an important topic. When I finally finished my training, almost ten years after starting, I was thrilled. My husband and I had postponed having a family because of the work demands and call schedule. When I finally became board certified and was practicing, I thought I had finally achieved and It had all been worth it. As soon as I finished training, I became eager to start a family. Because I had waited so long and wanted to have a few children, the need to have them in quick succession became evident. I had two kids in three years and was thrilled to have …

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Almond Milk

Monica Aggarwal and Marta Ferraz Valles walk through two easy ways to make your own almond milk.

Podcast I did with Lee Fulkerson, Forks over Knives

Dr. Monica Aggarwal and Lee discuss her diet growing up and a crippling chronic illness that she suffered shortly after the birth of her third child. She shares how her condition threatened to end her life as she knew it, including her medical practice. Dr. Aggarwal describes the terrible side effects of the medications she was prescribed and how …

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